Increase download speed on Chrome with Parallel Download

Recently, Google has updated its Google Chrome browser to v63, adding the Parallel Download feature. This is a new feature that has been long awaited by users, allowing you to speed up your download speed without IDM.

Now, users using Google Chrome just need to enable this feature, the system will automatically divide the stream to speed up the file download. This feature currently only appears on Chrome 63 on a computer. For Android phones, this feature is automatically enabled for the current user: Chrome Dev, Chromium, Chrome Beta, Chrome Stable, Chrome Canary, …

How to enable Parallel download on Chrome

First, you update Google Chrome to the latest version.

Then copy the link below and paste in the address bar of Chrome and press Enter.


Find the phrase Parallel Download as shown.

Then change from Default to Enable. Finally just restart the browser to apply.

Wish you success and do not forget to share with everyone.