How uninstall programs on MacOS

The applications, software installed on the computer when there is no need to use them, you need to remove them to get back space on the computer, and avoid heavy computer. With Windows PC, we will go to Control Panel to uninstall the software. So how do you want to uninstall applications on your Mac? There are many different ways to remove an installed application on a Mac. The following article will guide you on How uninstall programs on Mac.

Guide to remove applications on Mac OS

Option 1: Uninstall programs on the Lauchpad interface

Step 1:

We first press F4 to open the Lauchpad interface on the computer. Here you will see all the applications installed on your Mac.

Step 2:

Find the app you want to delete and then hold down the mouse button until the app icon shakes slightly as you delete apps on iPhone. The x icon next to the app icon appears. Click the X to uninstall the application on your Mac.

Step 3:

A notification appears asking if the user wants to delete the application on the device, press Delete to delete.

Method 2:Uninstall programs on the Finder

Step 1:

We open the Finder on the machine then click on the Applications in the menu bar on the left of the interface.

Step 2:

The interface will appear throughout the application installed on the Mac. Here you right-click on the application you want to delete, then select Move to Trash to put the application into the junk, delete the installation application.

Some applications will require the user to enter a machine unlock password to determine the application’s deletion. By deleting the application through the Finder, we quickly recover the application via the Ctrl + Z key combination.

Method 2:Uninstall programs on memory management

Step 1:

First click on the Apple icon at the top of the About This Mac pane.

Step 2:

Appears new interface with partition data and the size of each partition on the device. Click on Manage …

Step 3:

In the next interface users also click on the Applications list in the left menu interface. The installed applications will also be fully displayed on the interface.

Step 4:

Click on the application you want to delete and click on the x symbol.

The system will also ask if you want to delete the application or not, click the Remove button to agree to delete.

Here are three ways to remove an installed application on a Mac. In the first two ways, the delete operation will be quick and simple. Especially when you delete through Finder you can use the key combination to regain the deleted application.