How to view computer logs to see if the computer is compromised


If you are worried that your personal computer is being accessed by someone else without knowing how to check it. So let’s see the article below, Tuong.Me will guide you how to view the computer activity logs to detect the computer is compromised illegally.

For many, the phone or the personal computer is their whole life. It is a place to store a lot of personal data as well as important information. Therefore, unauthorized computer access is unavoidable.

So below that I will share with you a trick or help you monitor your computer to see if anyone has access to the computer or not. It will show the time details as well as the login account to the computer.

How to view computer logs to see if the computer is compromised

Enable the save logon history feature of the computer

Audit account logon event is a built-in feature that allows you to save login information to your computer. By default, this feature will be turned off, so we need to turn it on. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open the Run dialog box (Windows + R) and type  gpedit.msc and press Enter .

Step 2: The Local Group Police Editor window  appears, go to the following link:  Windows setingSecurity setingsLocal PoliciesAudit Policy.

Enable historical history of computer use
Enable historical history of computer use

Step 3: Note to the right column, double click on the line  audit account logon event . A window pops up, the way you ticked thetwo boxes  Success and Failure as shown and click Apply to save.

So you have successfully turned on the computer history. Now I will show you how to view your computer logs to see if anyone has logged on to the computer illegally.

How to check computer history

Step 1: You open the View Event Logs tool by going to  Search and searching for the event event log.

Step 2: In the tool window, click on  Windows Logs >> Security

Step 3: Here it will display full details of the login time on your computer as well as login account. Click on each login to know the details.


I’ve been instructing you how to check your computer history to track down a compromised computer. However, if your computer contains a lot of important personal data, you should set a password to protect your computer as well as encrypt important files on your computer.