How to use iMessage on PC?

How to use iMessage on PC?

iMessage is Apple’s secure, fast, and reliable instant messaging service, but you can only use it on Apple devices. This is quite limited, especially with your Windows computer, but in the following ways you can completely experience iMessage on Windows.

Method 1: Use iMessage on a Windows computer using Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 1. Equipment to Prepare: Macs with iMessage and computers running Windows.

Step 2. Now, download Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop on both of these computers.

Step 3. After installation, click on the application to launch it.


Step 4. On the Mac, download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.

Step 5. After downloading, install the same on your Mac.

Note: Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to access another computer through Chrome browser or Chromebook. Besides, you can easily access your applications and files safely.

Step 6. Use the code to connect both computers.

Enjoy iMessage on your Windows PC.

Method 2: Use iMessage on a Windows computer using the iPad 2

What if you do not have a Mac but still want to use iMessage on your Windows PC? There is a way to use iMessage to download iPads on Windows. This is a virtual emulator that creates a virtual iOS ecosystem on your Windows PC, allowing you to install this popular IM application on Windows.

Note: iPadian 2 is an iPadian emulator that allows you to convert your Windows PC and run iOS applications.

However, the iPadian emulator does not work continuously. In addition, it can make your computer infected with malware, so you should take preventive measures.

  • Download iPadian iPhone Emulator
  • Next, install the .exe file on your Windows PC
  • Run emulator software.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the iPadian software on your computer.
  • Next, type “iMessage” in the search bar.
  • Finally, download the Messages app on your computer.

Then launch the application and start the iMessage experience on your Windows PC.

Method 3: Use iMessage on Windows computers using Remote Messages on Cydia

Step 1: Open Cydia and search for Remote Messages. There are several versions for iOS 7 and iOS 8, so choose which one applies to the current software version on your iOS device. Pay $ 3.99 and install it on your iOS device.

Step 2: After the process is complete, go to Remote Messages and go to Settings, create a username and password. To “Use Authentication” in “ON” mode

Step 3: Make sure your iOS device and Windows computer are connected to the Internet. On your computer, open the browser and enter the IP address (as in your iOS device), then append “:” and enter the server port.

For example, the screenshot of the device has the IP address “” and the server port is “333”. So on the computer browser you have to enter

Step 4: Press Enter. Setup is complete! You can put your device into sleep mode and reply to messages right from your browser.