How to use Event Viewer on Windows 10


Windows Event Viewer is a tool to save system activity logs and applications on Windows including: error messages, activity information, alerts. Specifically, this tool allows you to monitor and manage who has opened your computer at what time, and shut down the computer at any time, the error is … This tool is worn. It is available on Windows and does not have to install any external software anymore.

Today BC will guide you how to use Event Viewer on the computer how.

How to use Event Viewer on Windows 10

1. How to open Event Viewer on your computer.

Step 1: You open up Cortana , write keyword search to Event Viewer.

Alternatively, you can also use the Windows + R key combination to open the Eventvwr.msc search box. 

Step 2: Once the program has been opened, we will check for any errors in the Event Viewer. Events are placed in different categories. 

Step 3: Check Windows Logs and make sure you see some errors and warnings in Event Viewer , even if your computer is working normally. If your computer does not have any problems, the error messages in the Event Viewer are not so important, so do not worry too much. 

Here, for example, you will see an error indicating that a program crashed at a specific time, it may have happened the previous day, but now your system is functioning well, there is nothing to worry.

2. Use the Event Viewer to manage computer shutdown times.

Step 1: Right-click on Custom Views and choose Create Custom View.

Step 2: Select Windows Logs, then select System.

Step 3: Replace the cells 6005 and 6006 as shown.

Step 4: If successful, you will see the table named Save Filter to Custom View, click OK to save.

Step 5: Save successfully, you will see next to Custom Views on the line Number of event file name displayed as shutdown computer. Display parameters will help you know when to turn off, when to open. For example, below is a timeline of 8 hours 08 minutes 14 seconds 20/10/2017 computer is open. 

With the article in Event Viewer on Windows 10, hopefully you will have more knowledge about the available Windows software. Use the Event Viewer regularly to find out when your computer crashes. Turn on, turn on the computer at any time.

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