How to Unzip files directly to Google Drive

Zip file compression is no stranger to the use of electronic devices. On the computer, you will have the tools to extract as WinZip or 7-Zip, but if the compressed file on Google Drive, how to unpack without downloading? If you want to know, please follow the instructions below!

Imagine someone sending you a set of archives, photos in an email or a zip archive from a cloud directory. Besides downloading and unpacking as usual, you can do this in the Google Drive folder with ZIP Extractor.

ZIP Extractor is a Chrome Extension that extracts files from Zip files in Google Drive. This utility is extremely useful and time saving if you work a lot with cloud computing and want to ignore the inconvenience of unpacking.

Install the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store, or you can open Google Drive account> New> More> Connect more apps, search for ZIP Extractor and install.

Now you can choose any archive in Google Drive to extract. Select the file and right-click Open with the ZIP Extractor to open the Zip file stored in Drive. If used for the first time, the utility will ask you to allow ZIP Extractor access to Google Drive. After that, decompressing will take a few steps.

  • The ZIP Extractor screen will give you the option to extract files. By default, all files are selected.
  • Select Extract Now to extract to a new folder inside the current folder. You can also change the destination folder.
  • The extracted file will be saved in a folder with the same name as the ZIP file.

Use the ZIP Extractor interface to view files that have been unpacked, shared, or extracted. It’s easy, is not it? Remember that the decompression process takes place in the cloud, so the bandwidth power determines the speed of the decompression process.

Do you often work with compressed files in the cloud? Try ZIP Extractor and feel it!