How to Turn Off UAC on Windows

How to Turn Off UAC on Windows

On Windows, each time you open a program, there is a message asking you to click Yes or No, which is the  User Account Control (UAC) feature ; It helps users monitor system changes, only the Administrator account has the right to install, change the software in the system. However, this is sometimes annoying for PC users. So, let’s PV Technology sought to turn off UAC in Windows 10 in this article.

How to turn off User Account Control (UAC) on Windows 10

To disable UAC we need to find the Change User Account Control settings, there are 2 ways to do it:

1. Using Search: Click on Cortana, or click on Start, type in UAC, open  Change User Account Control settings on:

2. Access the Control Panel, by pressing Windows + X, press P or right-click on Start, select Control Panel. Continue to  User Account -> User Account -> Change User Account Control settings :

3. Turn off  UAC  by dragging the slider to the bottom and OK:

So disable UAC on Windows 10 is complete, from now on there will be nothing to interrupt your work or leisure time anymore!