How to turn off Skype notifications

How to turn off Skype notifications

Sometimes, the notifications in Skype cause you to feel uncomfortable, certain nuisance. These messages may be: someone chatting in the group, someone online, someone sending pictures, videos … You want to turn off those notifications Skype to focus on work. So how?

1. Turn off Skype notifications in Group

If you join a group, there will be a new event in the group that will have a message popping up on the dekstop screen. As Group has many participants, the conversation, file transfer, … take place often. As a result, your monitor may receive continuous notifications. However, with non-essential groups, you can turn off notifications if you want.

For example, we have a Drupal bat group throughout the day. If the group does not provide any useful information to you then leave that group. If you do not want to leave the Group but still do not receive the message then do as follows

Step 1: Click on the group you want to turn off

  • Then click on group’s Avatar.

Step 2: Unplug the line Notify me when somethings new happens

  • That means: notify me when something happens in Group.
  • If you check: you will receive a notification
  • If you leave out: you will not receive notifications anymore.

2. Turn off other Skype notifications

In skype there are very flexible settings for receiving notifications. You are completely self-motivated in making the right choice for you. To do that, you do the following:

  • Step 1: Click Tool on the menu bar, then select Options

Step 2: Look for the notification settings line and click on it.

You are now set. The most noticeable is the content in the Display a notification in the windows tray when some … That is: display the message on the screen when something happens.

  • Comes online – when someone is online.
  • Goes offline – when someone is offline.
  • Starts an ID width me: Someone chatting with you.
  • Send me a video messageee – someone sends you a video.
  • Sends me a file – someone sends you a file.
  • Resquests my contact details – Someone add your skype.
  • Leaves me a voice message – Leave the elephant chat with you.
  • Has a birthday – Someone’s birthday in the skype list.

You can check or uncheck the next line

Display a notification in the windows tray when skype…

In general, at this setting you are free to set up. It does not affect or damage anything. If that setting is not useful, you go back to the area or not accumulating. Absolutely not.

Conclusion: With the above guidelines, I believe you can take the initiative in receiving the notice of Skype. Want how you set it. From now on, you will not be bothered by Skype notifications. Hopefully, your article provides you with useful tips. Thank you.