How to Translate document into a different language in Word

How to Translate document into a different language in Word

You are reading an English text and need to translate a short paragraph into Vietnamese. Instead of having to copy to the Google Translate or Bing site for translation, you can now do so in the Microsoft Word 2010 (or more) interface.

The Microsoft Word translation tool will be Microsoft Bing and the translated content will be displayed in a new window on the right hand side of the window, saving a lot of time for us. Note that the translation in Word will require the computer to connect to the Internet. In addition, even Google Translate does not guarantee the grammatical structure as a translator, so Microsoft Word will only help you understand the content of a selected foreign language document rather than replacing it entirely with Vietnamese.

In order to do that, in the Word view, select the Review tab and then click the Translate button. Here, the tool will provide three main options include: Translate Document, Translate Selected Text and Mini Translator.

Before you know each option, you need to set the translation language for Word by clicking Translate> Choose Translation Language …

In the window that appears, if you know the exact language you want to translate, select that language in the Translate from: menu and select the Vietnamese language in the Translate To menu.

Back to the three major transliteration options of Word, the Translate Document option downloads your document to the Microsoft Translator service, where it is parsed and translated into the language you selected. After clicking the Send button, this will open the default Windows web browser.

Your document has now been moved to Vietnamese language, you can hover over each line to see the original content. In addition, the interface of this site is similar to Google Translate with language options in the upper corner, this makes it easy to translate without returning to the interface editing Word.

For the Selected Selected Text option , just highlight the text and then select Translate Selected Text to translate it. This will open the Translate Task window , where Microsoft Translator displays the translated text.

Similar to Translate Selected Text , the Mini Translator option allows you to translate text in real time by displaying the menu containing the translated text each time you hover or select a word / paragraph.

However, the Mini Translator option will require you to return to the Choose Translation Language window … to set the language that this tool will translate to, which will be in Vietnamese. Besides that, you will have to move very carefully to select the menu containing the translated text.


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