How to split hard drive in Windows


Is your C drive too large? Want to split up hard drive space into several smaller drives? Shrink Volume is one of the great, handy features of Microsoft’s operating system since Windows Vista until now, helping users easily manage, split the hard drive space as you want.

Please read the article below to refer to the steps to do offline!

Steps to partition your hard drive in Windows

First, right-click on the icon This PC> Manage (1) > select Disk Management (2) > right click on the partition to divide the space> Shrink Volume (3) as shown below:

Windows will calculate and display the capacity to split, in this step you will see in the table appear four parameters as follows: 

  • Total size before shrink in MB : Total volume of partition, in MB (1024 MB = 1GB).
  • Size of available space in MB : maximum size allows you to split.
  • Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB : The amount of space you want to split into a new partition (we will type the number in MB unit here, as I entered 44444MB ~ 40GB)
  • Total size after shrink in MB : Size remaining when we split the partition.

Click Shrink to start dividing the hard drive, depending on the hard drive space and computer configuration that will take place quickly or slowly (as in this example, 40GB split takes about 1 minute). After the split, you will see the new partition appear as black as shown below:

In order to use the new partition, we need formatting for the partition. Right click on the black area> New Simple Volume :

This step is not complicated, you can go to Next> Next is:

Leave the file system format as NTFS, and check the box in the bottom 2 boxes

And here is our result: