How to sign out Microsoft account on Windows 10?

How to sign out Microsoft account on Windows 10?

In the previous tutorial I have shared with you how to link Microsoft account with Windows 10 then, and in this article is the opposite. This article will guide you how to get rid of Microsoft account on Windows 10 quickly and simply.

The logout account from Windows 10 Microsoft is synonymous with you will make the transition from Microsoft account to the account Account Local Account.

Okay, so you probably already know the problem. Then we will go to the main content in this tutorial:

How to get rid of Microsoft account on Windows 10

+ Step 1: Click the button Start=> select icon Settings. Or press the key combination Windows + Ito quickly open the interface Windows Settings.

Step 2: The next step, select tab Sign-in options=> then look to the column on the right. Please click on the link Sign in with a local account instead as shown below.

Step 3: Next, enter your Microsoft account password in the box Current passwordto confirm that you are the owner of this account => then click Next.

Step 4: Next, create a Local account to replace the Microsoft Account you are about to exit.

Enter User name and, if the password box, if you do not want to set a password for the computer can be left blank and click select Next.

+ Step 5: OK, next click the button Sign out and finishto exit.

You wait a moment…

The process is Signing outstill ongoing, please wait 😛

+ Step 6: Check the results.

And here, Microsoft Account has been transferred to Local Account then that, and means that you have successfully escaped Microsoft account from Windows 10 then offline.


Yes, so with just a few simple steps, we have successfully escaped the Microsoft account on Windows 10. A simple trick, but I think there are many people who need to use it.