How to share files two Computers on LAN

How to share files two Computers on LAN

Normally, when we need to share data between two computers, we usually choose to use an intermediate tool, USB or a portable hard drive. In addition, it is possible to use the Internet. However, if you do not have the USB and network connection unfortunately unfortunately, then what should you do? Do not worry. We will show you how to share data between two computers via LAN ( network to connect computers in a small area) in the article content below.

Step 1:

From the Desktop, right-click on the network icon and select Open NetWord and Sharing Center.

Step 2:

In the new window that appears, click Change advanced sharing settings.

Step 3:

Here, check the three numbered options below and click Save changes to save the changes.

Step 4:

Right-click on the data you want to share and select Share with > Specific people…

Step 5:

In the File Sharing dialog box , select Everyone and click Add > Share.

Step 6:

Open the computer you want to receive data and then go to Computer > Network and select the correct computer sharing name.