How to set Laptop shutdown when closed lid Screen in Windows 10

How to set Laptop shutdown when closed lid Screen in Windows 10

Usually the default of all laptops are folding the screen down is to go to sleep mode, ie machine pause. However, many people want to turn off the power when the laptop is down to save time shutdown. Follow the power-off setting when you fold your laptop down to the following procedure.

On customizing the screen, many people are only interested in adjusting the brightness of the laptop. For many people, the power off setting when the laptop is down is considered as completely new. As people often think when the screen is turned to sleep only. Exactly how to adjust the increase in the brightness of the laptop is also a trick to transfer the laptop from Sleep mode to Shutdown. This trick mainly helps to save time to turn off the laptop. When you need it, you can turn off the power when you close your laptop quickly without having to wait for your laptop to shut down again.

How to set Laptop shutdown when closed lid Screen

Step 1: On the desktop screen, click Start or press the Windows key. Type Control panel and Select.

Step 2: Continue to the Hardware and Sound of the Control Panel.

Step 3: Go to Power Options. This is the adjustment of the battery performance of the laptop, you can adjust the screen brightness, different modes when plugging the charger and use the laptop battery.

Step 4: In Control Panel Home, choose Choose what closes the lip does.

Step 5: Notice when lib is in Sleep mode . Therefore, when you fold the laptop only switch to sleep mode only.

Step 6: Click on the word Sleep and go down Shutdown , ie shut down laptop when folding screen.

Step 7: Do the same on On battery and Plugged in to shut down the laptop when the battery is used and plug in the charger.

Similarly, if you want to listen to music closed lid Screen computer, perform steps 1 through 5. Go to steps 6 and 7, and select Do Nothing.