How to set Bing Daily Images as wallpaper, Windows 10 lock screen

Microsoft Bing changes its homepage every day with great images from Getty Images and other leading photographers around the globe. Microsoft allows you to download free Bing images as well as use these images on your system. Here’s how to set Bing Daily Images as wallpaper, screen lock, and login screen on Windows 10.

How to set Bing Daily Images as wallpaper, screen lock Windows 10

Step 1 – Download the free Windows Store app – Daily Picture

Windows 10 does not yet have this feature, so we will be using a free application from the Microsoft Store called Daily Picture.

Open Start and launch Windows Store. Search and download apps – Daily Images.

Step 2 – Configure Daily Picture

Once installed, the application will download the latest images from Bing. To configure, tap the gear icon.

Select the option that you want to use Bing image. In the example below, we put the Bing image as the lock screen and the desktop.

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This app also has several other options from the main screen:

  1. Refresh the image with the latest images from Bing.
  2. Put the current Bing image into a background image.
  3. Set current Bing image to lock screen (including login screen).
  4. Save your current Bing image to your hard drive.
  5. Open settings.
  6. Arrows left or right scroll through the pictures of the day before from Bing.

Many people have been using the application for several years and have not had any problems in different versions of Windows 10. It makes many users love it because it brings new images every day.