How to separate people from background in Photoshop


Many people think that separating people from the background only those who mastered Photoshop can do it. Actually not, it can be accomplished by beginners. The following article will guide in detail how to separate people from background in a simple way.

To carry out the separation of persons from background, we need to follow the following steps 
Step 1: 
You open the image that you need to separate people from the background image (File> Open> Select the image), then press Ctrl + J Duplicate the original layer, and we will be working on this layer. 

Step 2: 
Next, use the Quick Selection Tool, or press the W key to create a selection around the object to split. This is a smart area picker that does not take much effort.

Step 3: 
Right-click on the image and select Refine Edge for the CS version. (For PTS CC, select Select and Mask.) 

Step 4: 
Now the Refine Edge dialog box will appear. the following.

Step 5: 
In the separation of people from a background image , this step should be the most important implementers need attention. Here we use the Refine Radius Tool (E shortcut) around the object to select the missing parts as the outer thin hair. At the same time, to delete the left selection, use the Erase Refinements Tool. 

Step 6: 
In the Output of the Refine Edge dialog box, adjust as follows and click OK:

We will be as follows

Step 7: 
Now depending on the purpose you leave the background or how the background is inserted in the back.

So how do you separate people from backgrounds in Photoshop? Thanks to your creative artistic ability, unique and impressive photos will be created.