How to send self-destructing emails with Gmail – Confidential mode


Yes, the self-destructing emails feature on Gmail is the most prominent feature in this update. You can send letters of cancellation to important partners, to ensure that all information is secure after your partner has read the content.

Also, you can disable the access to the mailbox you have sent in extremely simple. Ok, so you probably already know what the content is about, right?

1. How to send a self-destruct email on Gmail

+ Step 1: First you login Gmail account => then click Compose as shown below.

+ Step 2: Then you enter the email address to send => then enter the subject and content, or attachments, … => then click on the clock icon as shown.

+ Step 3: Next, you choose to set the email access to partners => then click SAVE to set up.

For example, if you select Expire 1 day later, the message will be canceled within 1 day.

+ Step 4: In the Security Mode dialog box => you choose Password via SMS.

+ Step 5: After the setup is complete you can click the Edit button to change the settings if you have needs. Or select Email always.

Emails sent are encrypted information and key features forward, copy, download files to the computer.

Regardless of this email, your partner will only be able to read the email in your web browser, and you will not be able to do anything else.

This method is only to prevent others, but your partner wants to save this email there are many ways.

2. How to ‘unsend’ a sent email from your Gmail account

+ Step 1: Click on the letter you sent and open your letter of cancellation (confidential letter).

+ Step 2: Click here to cancel the access to the content of the email sent to the partner when you feel unable to cooperate anymore, to secure the information you have sent.


Yes, I have given you a very detailed guide to how to send a self-destruct email on Gmail and can cancel access to the message sent at any time you want.

This is an extremely useful feature for those of you who are constantly exchanging work online and working online.

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