How to Send Email with Cortana in Windows


Sending emails can often be a time-consuming task involved in opening an application, starting with web or apps. Thanks to its native language recognition, Cortana – which Microsoft brought to PCs in Windows 10 – allows you to send emails with less complexity and fewer steps.

To use this email feature, you will need to set up an account in Windows Mail before you compose emails through Cortana. Once you have all your arrangements, you are only a few steps away from sending short messages with less effort.

1. Click the ” Ask me anything ” box and enter ” I want to send an email to [name of person]  “, followed by the message body. If you say this aloud, make sure Cortana is set to answer your voice. If you use a nickname like Parents, Cortana will ask you to select that person in your directory.

2. Select the contact you want to send the email to. Cortana will remind you if you have more than one contact that matches the name you spoke or write.

If there is any part of the email you want to change, select the fields and edit the text.

3. Click Submit when ready.

Your email has been sent!