How to record computer screen without software

How to record computer screen without software

You want to capture memorable moments on the screen in the form of images or video fast, effectively without software. In this article, we will guide you record your computer screen PC with Game Bar tool available on Windows 10 platform.

On the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft paid more attention to the gamers when it integrated screen capture game, computer video on Windows 10 with Game Bar. And it’s inferior to 3rd party software, moreover it’s backed by Xbox, so it’s very powerful in terms of sharing, community features.

Activate and use the Game Bar

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + G> Another window pops up> Click on “Yes, this is a game“.

  • Connect to the Xbox, using your Microsoft account, which lets you customize parameters as well as shortcuts. Share video to Xbox.
  • Allows you to capture screen shortcut shortcut is Windows + Alt + Prt sc (editable)
  • Record that: Allows recording of video immediately, this feature is used when Record is in pause mode.
  • Start Recording, which allows you to play Windows 10 games with the Windows+Alt+R (editable).
  • Settings.

To capture the screen we used the shortcut mentioned above is number 2 and take screenshots of the game on Windows 10 with Game Bar is number 5.

Step 2: If you access the Settings section, the General tab allows you to adjust the length of the video clip or the recording mode while in background state with Background Recoding.

Step 3: Here we are allowed to edit the shortcut, you can install in the Xbox also.

Step 4: If you want to record game screen on Windows 10 with Game Bar, press Windows + Alt + R key combination and you can see on the right screen there will be video recording icon, to stop you press on the square stop button.

In the xbox Game DVR section, you’ll find a spot for Saving Captures, where you can store screenshots, and video game screens on Windows 10 with Game Bar.