How to quickly sign out of your entire Chrome account with just one click

Signing out of an account does not take much time, however, if you use multiple accounts on multiple tabs, it is different. Today, blogtip shared a trick to help you quickly sign all your Chrome accounts with just one click.

How to use Logout 4 All on Chrome:

From now on, when you want to log out you just click on the Logout 4 All icon. Signing out process takes only 2-3 seconds. Logout 4 All support for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, … and many other sites.

Very simple, just download the extension at the link below:

Just click on the Logout 4 All icon as shown below, and the extension will log out all your active accounts in the browser.

In addition to the ability to log out in bulk, the extension also allows you to delete browsing information previously in the browser such as browsing history, caching, download history … You can customize the component and time Delete by right-clicking on the extension icon> Options> Cache Settings. Then click Save Settings to apply the change.