How to Quickly Leave multiple Facebook groups you don’t need

How to Quickly Leave multiple Facebook groups you don’t need

A problem when we use Facebook is to see the information from the group that you do not follow or care. So what is the solution to Quickly Leave multiple Facebook groups you don’t need?

Option 1: Simple way

Step 1: Go to Groups Settings

If you use Facebook on a desktop browser like your desktop or laptop, just log in to the account you want to log out of. After visiting the Facebook homepage, in the left hand side of the screen you find Groups and click on.

Step 2: Move to group list

After clicking on Group, you will see a lot of groups appear on the screen, pull down you will see your Group has joined, now a list of groups will be listed, you can easily know. Which group did I join to easily break out of the group.

Step 3: Leave the group

Now just find which group you have no need to stay in. Click the Gear icon> select Leave this group.

Option 2: How to Quickly Leave multiple Facebook groups

Many times you are also being added to groups by tools on Facebook.

Don’t worry, we will leave unwanted groups with just one click.

Step 1: Download and install FB Toolkit by PlugEx here.

Click Add to Chrome, then click Add extension.

Step 2: Access your Facebook and click the Toolkit For FB icon by PlugEx in the right corner.

In the Removal tools section, click LEAVE MULTIPLE/ALL FACEBOOK GROUP.

Step 3: Click on SELECT ALL GROUPS to select the whole Group. Or select the group you want to quit. Then click START LEAVING GROUP FACEBOOK.

Step 4: Wait.

The result will appear as shown below, the words Un-joining groups completed that you have been successful.

It’s simple, right! Now you will not have to be bothered to look at the information stream of the group that I have not watched or do not care anymore! Good luck to you.