How to link Windows 10 digital licence with Microsoft account


If you are using a Windows 10 Digital License key, you can keep your Windows 10 license with the Microsoft account that you log on to. In the following article, we will guide you in detail how to video and how to link copyright number Windows 10 with Microsoft account.

Windows 10 digital signature association guide with Microsoft account

Advantages of linking digital rights?

With Digital License associated with the Microsoft account on your Windows 10 computer. Each time you reinstall Windows 10, when re-logging the MS account on the computer that will automatically re-activate the license for you. This will be a lot simpler for you to back up and restore the license manually with 3rd party software. You only need to remember the MS account that created the link with Windows 10 on your computer is okay.

How to link Windows 10 digital signature to Microsoft account?

Conditions for linking copyright:

  1. The Windows 10 license you are using has not been associated with any previous Microsoft accounts.
  2. The Microsoft account you want to link must be new or have not signed in to Windows 10 licensing on another computer before. You understand 1 key/1 machine/a Microsoft account.
  3. The Microsoft account used must be either or These are all Microsoft mail services. To create an MS account see below.
  4. DO NOT use an MS account that has ever logged on to Windows Cr@ck.

How to links

Step 1. Access Settings in Windows

Step 2. Select Update & security

Step 3. Enter Activation. Here you will see the license key if your digital rights will be notified Windows is activated with a digital lincense. With this notification you can completely link digital rights to your MS account. Click Add an account.

Step 4. Enter your MS account created and click Next.

Enter the password to complete.

Step 5. To the next step, you will be prompted for your local Local Area Network password when you install Windows. If not set Pass, leave blank and click Next.

Step 6. Finally, go back to the Activation panel. Notice that you have successfully linked digital rights to your Microsoft account.

Simply put, you have a digital copy backed up with your Microsoft account.