How to install Dark Mode Windows 10

Instructions for installing Dark Mode interface on Windows 10 include: wallpaper, apps, folders, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome. Dark Mode everywhere!

If you regularly work with a computer, use Dark Mode or Night Light is more eye-friendly. Windows 10, as well as most popular applications and software, support Dark Mode.

1. Dark Mode for applications

Step 1: Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize.

Step 2: Select Color in the left menu, then look to the right side of the Dark. Now the interface of the Settings window will turn black.

Note: To return to the default color, you just need to integrate into the Light is finished.

2. Dark Mode for tiles on the Start, bordered windows

Still in the Color section, you can select colors for Windows (like the colors of the tiles in the Start and the borders of the window) in the Choose your color section.

Here are the colors available in the Windows Colors section, if you do not find the color you like here then click the Custom Color button to choose the color you like.

In this Windows Color category there are additional customizations:

  • Transparency effects (On to enable – Off to turn off).
  • Show the color you choose for the items here (tick to select).

3. Dark Mode for folders

Still in the Color section, click on the High contrast settings.

Select a template of your choice, to match the Dark Mode, you should choose High Contrast Black.

Press the Apply button to save the change, or you can change the color of your choice by clicking on each component to change. Finally click the Save button to save your own template.

And this is the result:

Note: To change the default color for the folder, just select None in the High contrast settings section.

4. Dark Mode computer wallpaper

If you prefer to move the wallpaper to black always select Background in the left menu, then look to the right choose Solid color in the Background section. Next, click on the Custom Color button, then choose black.

5. Dark Mode for Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Click the three dots on the top right corner of the Microsoft Edge browser, select Settings.

Step 2: Click in the box under the Choose a theme select Dark. At this point, the Microsoft Edge browser will automatically switch to black.

Note: To return to the default color, just select Light in the Choose a theme section.

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