How to install Adobe Flash Player on your computer

How to install Adobe Flash Player on your computer

Adobe Flash Player is software that supports web browsers on various operating systems that can view videos, flash images and even online games. With the support of Flash Player, every image will be displayed with the highest quality, the most accurate, to help users have a much more enjoyable experience. So how can I use Adobe Flash Player on my computer? In the article below, Network Administrator will guide you read how to install Flash Player on the computer.

Step 1: Download Flash Player

First of all, click on the link below to get the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Step 2: Select the file to download Flash Player

We click on the download file of the Flash Player to perform the installation on the computer.

Step 3: Install Flash Player

The installation dialog will appear, where you will select the Flash Player License Agreement , and then click Install below.

Step 4: Wait for the Flash Player to install

Next, you wait for the Flash Player to be successfully installed on your computer.

Step 5: Choose how to update Flash Player

As soon as the installation process reaches 100%, you will come to the installation interface for updating the new version of Flash Player. There will be three options for the user:

  • Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended): Automatically download and install updates when new versions are available. This is the mode that the publisher encourages you to choose.
  • Notify me to install updates: Notify me when new version is available.
  • Never check for updates (never recommended): never check for new versions.

We recommend that you select the Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended) option, and then click Done below to complete the installation of the Flash Player on your computer.

So, with the support of Flash Player on the computer, we will not have problems watching movies, video, or playing online games on the computer web browser.

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