How to increase VRAM in Windows


The best way to increase VRAM is to buy a graphics card. If you are using low-power integrated graphics, upgrade your graphics card. However, if this is not your choice, see two ways to increase VRAM in Windows 10 below.

Method 1: Specify the VRAM capacity in the BIOS

The first method is to adjust the VRAM in the BIOS. Access the BIOS and search for an option in the menu called Advanced FeaturesAdvanced Chipset Features or similar. Inside this menu, find Graphics SettingsVideo Settings or VGA Share Memory Size.

These features have the option to adjust the amount of memory allocated to the GPU, which is usually 128 MB by default, so try increasing this number to 256MB or 512MB if enough space is available. However, not all CPUs or BIOSes have this option.

Method 2: Forged VRAM

Because most integrated graphics solutions automatically adjust to use the amount of system RAM that it needs, the details reported in the Adapter Properties window do not really matter. In fact, for integrated graphics, the value of Dedicated Video Memory iscompletely “fictitious”. The system reports that the false value is simply so that the game is seen when checking how many VRAMs.

Thus, users can modify a Registry value to change the VRAM volume that the system reports for the game. This does not really increase the VRAM, it only modifies the virtual value. If a game refuses to go live because “there is not enough VRAM,” adding this value can overcome that.

Open the Registry Editor by typing regedit into the Start menu.

Go to the following location:


Right-click on the Intel folder in the left pane and select New > Key , name GMM for this key. Then select the new GMM in the left pane, right-click in the right pane, choose New DWORD (32-bit) Value , name it DedicatedSegmentSize and give it a value, make sure the Decimal option is selected . In MB, the minimum value is 0 (disabled entry) and the maximum value is 512 . Set this value, restart the computer.

These methods may not work, but they are worth a try if you have problems. Without a lot of system RAM and are having trouble running games with integrated graphics, try adding some extra RAM to the integrated graphics to use.