How to hide some of the options in Windows Settings


Settings section on Windows 10 has many options related to the system. In case you do not want someone to “tweak” an item, you can completely hide it with the Win10 Settings Blocker.

Win10 Settings Blocker is a free utility from Sordum and does not need to be installed. You can use this application to block or hide some of the options from the Settings section of Windows 10 without having to deal with complex registry keys or Group Policy Editor.

First, download the Win10 Settings Blocker here, then extract and run the application. The application interface consists of a selection bar on the left and four tool buttons. The selection includes:

  • Hide Pages: Hide options.
  • 2 – Show Only Pages: Show only options in the list.
  • 3 – Hide Settings Pages: Always lock the Settings page.
  • 0 – Disable Blocking: Do nothing.

While the menu contains four functions:

  • Save settings: Save configuration.
  • Add to list: Add to Wishlist.
  • Delete from the list: Remove from list.
  • Options: Configuration.

To give you an idea of ​​how to configure your application, here’s an example of how you want to hide the Themes section of the Personalization section in Settings so that you do not allow others to change the theme. By default you will have Themes on the left as shown below:

Now open up Win10 Settings Blocker, select the Hide Pages option, then click the Add to list button.

In the Add to list, find and select themes.

Finally, click the Save settings button to confirm.

Now go back to Settings> Personalization. You will see Themes disappear.

Very simple and convenient, hope the article will help you.

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