How to hide IP address?


When leaving the house to public places like convenience stores, cafes and friends, you will not have to put your house number and address on your shirt. However, with the Internet, this will happen, the IP address (Internet protocol) is displayed. And there is nothing to worry about, but when something goes wrong you will wish to pay close attention, hiding IP in public.

What is an IP address?

Internet is a large area of ​​the website, the computer connection is processed and stored. To monitor computers on the Internet, each computer will connect to an IP address. It is like distinguishing houses on the street by the house number, except it is a long number.

Here are two types of IP addresses: IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 was launched in the 1980s but is still widely used for Internet traffic. For 32-bit, only 4 billion addresses can be connected. An IPv4 address would look something like this: 168.90.0255.

IPv6 addresses are introduced as the weakest response of IPv4 addresses. They use a 128-bit address that provides a large number of options. An IPv6 address would look something like this: 2001: 0db8: 0000: 0042: 0000: 8a2e: 0370: 7334

Instead of typing a specific IP address into a web browser, it is called Domain Name System (DNS) . The domain name system converts from URL to IP. For example, when you start a web browser and enter the URL (for example,, DNS will detect and find the IP address of the web page, followed by the reverse display on the computer screen.

Mostly, IP addresses are automatically activated when you connect to the Internet, so why should we care?

Why hide IP address?

When seeing ads on a web browser, is it going on in your city? That’s not a coincidence.

Your IP address can be used to combat annoying ads, and it can be used for many malicious purposes. For example someone can find you when they know the address, similar they can trace you out when they know your IP address.

Hiding IP addresses is also a way to prevent hacking. This will prevent others from locating your location.

That is one of the many reasons you should hide your IP address. But below I will only have you some ways to help hide IP address.

Hide IP with proxy

Using a proxy server is the easiest way to hide your IP address, especially if you need to hide it immediately.

Servers work like a mask when you surf. When sending out a request, the server blocks or responds to the IP request. Stakeholders can see traffic between the computer and the server, so it is best to use it when processing sensitive data.

There are countless free servers available but they are often unreliable. If you decide to use a free server, make sure you do not exchange personal information with anyone else, and consider using a haschek-like server check. However, an article on Wired recently said the proxy server is becoming insecure.

While free servers are easy to find, install, and hide IP performance, the best way is to use a cost-effective and reliable server, often with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Hide IP with VPN

You do not know what VPN is and can be understood in the following article.

VPN works just like the server, it changes the IP address but provides protection for all Internet activity leaving your computer. As the information goes away, it moves to the VPN server from where it moves with another IP, making it hard for others to track.

Proxy is quite weak and there is no encryption between the computer and the server but with VPN, it installs an encrypted tunnel between your device. Your request will be forwarded to the open Internet, using a different IP address.

The only problem with VPNs is that it’s quite expensive. Desiring to watch unlimited geo-video may not guarantee a commitment price. However, with the era of cyber-security and spying, it’s never a bad idea to choose a VPN.


There are many other options to hide IP like the Onion Router (Tor) but to explain it differently because of the need for legality. Therefore, if you have ever used Tor, you will understand its legal and effective purpose. But it can still be used for illegal purposes.

No one needs to hide their IP address and business people who use the Internet do not have to worry. If you need security and privacy a little, hiding your IP is a must, and using a proxy, VPN or both will be a smart choice. And you do not have enough money for VPNs and would like to have another look at the free IP proxy look on the forums. Although this is not the best option.