How to fix Thumbnail Previews not showing in Windows 7, 8.1, 10

By default, File Explorer (or Windows Explorer) on Windows 10 has a total of 8 items: extra large icons, large icons, small icons, tiles, lists, content, medium icons and details. You can easily navigate through the items by clicking on the View tab and then clicking on each item.

When you set up Explorer view in extra large icons mode, large icons, medium icons, details or tiles view, File Explorer will display the thumb preview image of the video, image … so you can easily find it. Get the video, image you want.

However, in the process of using Windows 10 quite a lot of users complain that File Explorer does not display thumbnail preview of video, images ….

1. Check if the thumbnail preview feature is enabled or not.

To enable thumbnail preview support, click the View tab and then click one of the following views:

  • Extra large icons
  • Large icons
  • Medium icons.
  • Content

2. Check if the thumbnail is disabled

Step 1:

Open File Explorer, then click on File and select Change folder and search opptions to open Folder Options. If the selected file is in a specific folder, you only see Options instead of the Change folder and search options option.

Then just click on Options to open Folder Options.

Step 2:

Navigate to the View tab. Under Advanced settings, uncheck Always show icons, never thumbnails, then click Apply to activate the thumbnail in Windows Explorer.

3. Clear the cache thumbnail

If File Explorer displays faint thumbnails of one or more files, it is possible that the thumbnail cache is corrupted. In this case you can delete and reset the thumbnail cache.

4. Thanks to the support of 3rd party applications

Windows Explorer or File Explorer does not support preview for all file formats but only supports some popular video or image file formats. Many other file formats on Windows Explorer or File Explorer are displayed as icons, not as thumbnails.

However, if you want File Explorer (Windows Explorer) to display thumbnails for all image and video files, you can rely on support for third-party applications. Come here is Icaros. Icaros supports over 15 file types.

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