How to Fix “This extension may have been corrupted” by IDM on Chrome

If you can not download the file, catch the video with Internet Download Manager (IDM) on Chrome because the IDM Integration Module extension is faulty, then you can fix the instructions in the article.

IDM is considered a good download accelerator and is very popular. It allows you to download files faster and can catch the video link is very convenient. This download accelerator is available for download on many browsers through the extension called IDM Integration Module.

However, this extension often has many errors. The most common is the IDM Integration Module is disabled, which makes IDM’s download and video capture inside the browser does not work. If it’s Chrome, you can fix it later.

Option 1: Use the repair function of the utility.

– Press the three dot menu button> More tools> Extension or type chrome://extensions/ into the address bar to open the browser settings extension manager.

– Go to IDM Integration Module> click Repair button to fix the error.

You only see the Repair button when the IDM Integration Module fails with the status line This extension may have been corrupted.

Option 2: If the Repair function does not work, try this method.

– Open the IDM Integration Module installation page on the Chrome Web Store.

– Click the Enable this item link and it will immediately fix the broken IDM extension in Chrome.

Then, check out the Chrome extension page and see that the IDM extension has been successfully re-enabled.

Option 3: Uninstall the IDM Integration Module if the error persists.

– You click Remove from Chrome from the IDM Integration Module installation page.

– Click Details> Remove extension> Remove the IDM Integration Module in the Chrome extension management interface to remove.

You can right-click the IDM icon in the toolbar> Manage extensions to quickly access the detailed interface of the IDM Integration Module.

After uninstalling, reinstall the IDM Integration Module from the installation site of the Chrome Web Store or external installer (drag and drop IDMGCExt.crx in the IDM installation directory into the Chrome extension management interface). This way, you can fix the same problem on other browsers.

Method 4: Update IDM

You can also try to update IDM to the latest version to fix the problem. Open IDM> Help> Check for updates. If you are using an older version, it will start downloading and installing the latest version as well as fixing an existing one (like replacing the broken IDM Integration Module).

Method 5: Keep IDM Integration Module is a safe file before Windows Defender

Sometimes the system defender is Windows Defender mistakenly labeled IDM Integration Module as the virus, so the program will quarantine this extension and cause inactivity error. This case was presented by TNS and corrective instructions that you can review in this article.

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