How to Fix Shockwave Flash Player in Chrome in Windows


Blocked Flash due to outdated errors is a common mistake many users encounter when working, studying or entertaining. After the information about the appearance of many new security bugs on Adobe Flash Player, some browsers have blocked this plugin. So here’s how to fix the obsolete Flash bugs below.

Flash is one of the most important programs on every web browser. However, many times this program has made errors that computer users never think of and really feel embarrassed to find a way to fix. One of the problems is that Flash is blocked due to outdated, unreadable videos and movies. The main reason is due to security issues that Google Chrome currently no longer supports plugins that use this system. So through the following article, will guide you how to fix the blocked Flash obsolete to timely use this browser for work as well as learning and entertainment offline. Please read along.


Currently, Google Chrome no longer works with NPAPI plugins, so plugins like Silverlight, Java, and Unity can not work on Chrome .

Step 1: To fix the obsolete Flash Player, you first need to download and install the latest version of Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player:

Step 2: Start Google Chrome, type chrome://settings/content in the browser address bar for quick access to Content Settings and select the Flash item.

Here you enable Flash by turning the switch at the Allow Flash enabled webpage option as shown below.

Step 3: Next, update your latest Adobe Flash Player or you can enter the chrome://components command in Chrome’s address bar.

Find the Adobe Flash Player entry and click Check for updates or click the reload page icon to reload.

Once done, you can restart the browser again to check the results.

Flash Player obsolete is one of the many bugs in web browsing that users can not keep track of content on the site they are visiting, in addition to this error, there are many other browser errors that you may encounter. Watch and learn how to deal with errors occur with the site that you are watching offline.