How to Fix, Reset any Apps on Windows 10 like new

How to Fix, Reset any Apps on Windows 10 like new

As you know, the blog now has a lot of tutorials on the operating system using Windows 10. And even have a whole series of instructions to use Windows 10 so that the newbie to contact the operating system can be easily mastered when used.

And to continue on that topic, in today’s article I will continue to share with you some of the features that are also very useful on this new operating system.

Read the title above, you have some understanding of what you want to say in this tutorial and then right 😀 Exactly, in this article I will guide you how to fix the Apps Installed on Windows 10 and you can reset the Apps to the state as if you want.

At the same time, you can also control the permissions of those App, for example, you can allow the Apps to use the camera, not using the Microphone…


First you access the Windows Settings, you can go fast by pressing the key combination Windows + I => then select Apps as shown below.

Next, go to Apps & features => then in the right column you select the apps you need to process. For example, your Demo with the Microsoft Edge web browser go offline => then select Advanced options to enter the advanced settings.

Control permissions for apps on Windows

Well, here you can drag down the App permission to set permissions for Apps. You can easily turn on/off the features you want.

II. How to fix an application on Windows 10 when it can not run

Next, you pull down the bottom. In the Reset section there are a number of options for you:

Repair: The great thing is, if this app does not work properly, we can fix it. App data will not be affected.

Reset: If the app still does not work, please reset. You will lose some data such as your browsing history, but we saved your favorites, your tabs, your settings, your settings, and your cookies. In case you are resetting Microsoft Edge offline, if you reset the other app will notice another.

Alternatively, you can remove the application if you want by clicking the Uninstall button to remove the software or application from the computer.


So I have detailed instructions for you how to fix any App on Windows 10 and how to Reset Apps on Win 10 to the status as the new installation offline.

This is a great feature on Windows 10 that you think you should know to be able to use Windows 10 is better and more active.

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