How to Fix “Not enough storage” on iPhone

How to Fix “Not enough storage” on iPhone

The iPhone users will default to Apple iCloud 5 GB for free. In fact, 5 GB iCloud is too limited, it’s not even sufficient for you to backup your iPhone data when you buy a new phone (at the basic user level)

This little thing will make a time later you. do not load App, take pictures, or even finished shooting must delete immediately (delete not trash). And the iPhone will keep saying about iCloud, which will be a nuisance for us.

Basic but for iPhone users not everyone can know how to fix. In this article I mainly guide the women should do how to “fire” the problem of iCloud capacity.

Option 1: Delete Backups

Go to Settings – Choose iCloud – Manage Storage – Backup

In the Backup will show the backup on your device to share an iCloud so far, you should delete the backup on the device is not necessary or removed.

Note: Do not delete the backup with This iPhone – that is the data of the iPhone you are using

Option 2: Use a different image hosting application (Hint: Google Photos)

Google Photos is a great place for you to store photos from your iPhone without having to worry about space on iCloud.

On Google Photos, you have about 15 GB of free storage for photos

Stay in iCloud – Select Photos – Turn off iCloud Photos – You can then plug in iTunes on your computer, take all the pictures from iCloud into a new folder – After you’ve copied your photos to Photos.Google. – Drag and drop that folder – on the iPhone open Google Photos – Select Settings – Select Back up & Sync to open the button.

Option 3: Pay for iCloud

I’m serious about this, if you do not have Family Sharing then you should pay 1$ for 50GB iCloud per month. 50GB is very useful to personalize your data backup from iPhone comfortably without having to be disturbed.

Especially at present time the use of online payment card online is so widespread and popular, so only 1$ according to him is not too tense for each person.


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