How to fix IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Driver Problem

How to fix IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Driver Problem

It’s not always easy to update Windows 10, and sometimes upgrading your Windows 10 Creators Update with IDT High Definition Audio on Windows 10 is not uncommon. The following guide will help you fix IDT High Definition Audio on Windows 10.

IDT High Definition Audio is difficult to identify because of the many causes of IDT High Definition Audio that prevent you from updating Windows 10 Creators Update. However, we can understand the cause of this mainly due to the conflict of the sound card, namely the software supports it IDT High Definition Audio with the system update Windows 10. To be able to fix the IDT High Definition Audio on Windows 10, help you not lose the sound as well as not update failed.

Typically, Windows automatically updates every time a new version is released from the publisher, and if you do not notice it, the update process will take a certain amount of time, causing you to wait for it, and possibly After updating, there are many other errors, so right now you can proceed to shut down Windows 10 update to not have to worry about that.

Before going into the IDT High Definition Audio troubleshooting guide on Windows 10 you should note that not all devices use IDT High Definition Audio, maybe on some computers, laptops are Realtek High Definition Audio rather than IDT High Definition Audio and will encounter errors such as IDT High Definition Audio.


Step 1: To fix IDT High Definition Audio on Windows 10, you need to go to Device Manager, install devices, drivers on your computer by pressing the Windows + X key combination and select Device Manager.

Step 2: In Device Manager, you will find the Sound, video and game Colltrollers option and remove this driver with Uninstall device.

Step 3: Then you click again on the Action menu and select Scan for hardware changes to search and reinstall drivers have just deleted.

Step 4: Next, press the Windows key + then type “Services.msc” then hit enter to access the management of services on the computer.

Step 5: In the Services you find Windows Audio and access the Properties of the Windows Audio.

Step 6: Then switch to Services for Startup type Automatic (delayed Start) and then Apply.

Step 7: Next you do the same with Windows Audio Endpoint Builder to fix IDT High Definition Audio on Windows 10.

Step 8: Continue to select Startup type to Automatic (delayed start) and then Apply.

After you perform the above procedure, restart the computer to see if the IDT High Definition Audio fault condition in Windows 10 has been corrected and the computer can update the operation again.