How to fix Has Stopped Working on your computer


Has Stopped Working is simply a software status, which stops when you start or you are using it. There are many causes for Has Stopped Working errors on the computer and they will be handled in our article below.

Sometimes when you use the computer you encounter a message board display Has Stopped Working, that is when your application, software or game problems. For example, if you are playing a counterfeit game, unfortunately, the Has Stopped Working has been reported. This is also a time when you automatically get thrown out of the game, this is not a random error that it happens quite often. Some games today, not just Trace. There are many causes for the above error and if we do not fix it thoroughly, not only Has Stopped Working Has Been Punished but many software, game Has Has Stopped Working error on the computer.

In this article we will guide you the causes as well as how to fix Has Stopped Working errors on the computer, readers can rely on that to conduct checks as well as fix Has Hasped Working error on the computer.


1. System Error

The Has Stopped Working error on your computer is probably because your computer is infected with a virus, these viruses take up some of the computer’s rights and modify them, and some of them break your operating system, causing parts software, application or game Has Stopped Working error. To fix the Has Stopped Working error on the computer we first need to check the entire computer with the tools available on the computer.

Step 1: First press the Windows + X key to open Power Menu then select Command Prompt Administrator.

Step 2: In the Command Prompt interface you type sfc /scannow system test command to the system to test offline.

This will take about 10 to 15 minutes to test, if any errors will be displayed on the Command Prompt screen for you.

2. Computer hard drive is broken

Hard drive failure also affects read and write data and possibly Has Stopped Working errors on your computer due to hard drive, so you need to check your hard drive for accuracy. Is the main cause or not through the tool called Scan disk.

Step 1: Right click on the C drive select Properties.

Step 2: In the Properties of the C drive to Tools and click on the check in the Error checking offline, this operation will help the hard drive is completely rechecked.

Step 3: The Error checking window appears, click Scan Drive to scan all the corrupted files if found.

In the case of the message No errors were found, the status of Has Stopped Working on the computer is not due to the hard drive, and if any error message is prepared to replace your hard drive.

3. Conflicts of Running Programs

Having multiple processes running in the background is one of the causes of Has Stopped Working errors on your computer, as you know Windows is an open operating system, so software and applications are installed without much pressure. standard in it. Because of this, they can overlap with Has Stopped Working. To get rid of this situation, we have to temporarily shut down the applications running in the background to see whether the computer has this status.

Step 1: Press Windows + R then type “msconfig” and click ok to access.

Step 2: In System Configuration, switch to the Services tab and click Hide all Microsoft services.

Then select Disable All to turn off all services that are not running on the system and then restart the computer for Has Stopped Working errors on the computer.

4. Due to Failure or RAM Error

The software, the application borrowed RAM to handle but not returned and so hung there that is also the cause of Has Stopped Working error on the computer so we need to check what the cause is error. Your RAM or RAM is already corrupted.

Step 1: First open the Start Menu and type “memory” to access the Windows Memory Diagnostics.

Step 2: Immediately a Windows Memory Diagnostics panel pops up asking you to reboot. Choose the first option to restart the machine immediately or the second option is the option to restart the machine after you.

Step 3: Now your computer will automatically restart and enter the Windows Memory Diagnostic mode, you can press F1 to select 3 different modes.

Step 4: There are 3 modes: Basic, Standard and Extended with deep scan. If you have time, choose Extended for the best test.

Then go back to Windows to see what kind of RAM is occurring when performing a RAM check, so you will know whether the cause is due to RAM caused Has Stopped Working error on the computer or not to carry out repairs. , replace RAM.

Here are the causes and how to fix the Has Stopped Working error on the computer, one of the nasty bugs when you open a software or running any software. Hope the article above will help you a lot in using Windows as well as repairing Windows 10 as well as know how to prevent this error Windows 10 from your computer.

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