How to fix “DPC Watchdog Violation” on Windows 10

How to fix “DPC Watchdog Violation” on Windows 10

DPC Watchdog Violation is a blue screen display error on Windows 10, if you notice the DPC Watchdog Violation error on Windows 10 is a common problem encountered during the use of Windows 10. The main cause of the software is incompatible with system or not the latest version.

DPC Watchdog Violation is a nightmare for many computer users, Windows laptop operating system. What is the cause and how to fix DPC error Watchdog Violation? Please read this article through offline.

DPC Watchdog Violation is one of the most abrasive errors on Windows 10 ISO, DPC error Watchdog Violation displays blue error screen. There are many reasons for DPC Watchdog Violation on Windows 10 iso and mainly because drivers come from 3rd row such as Main, Chip or even TouchPad driver on laptop if not updated as often as possible. Causes DPC Watchdog Violation on Windows 10.

  1. Stay up-to-date for your Windows.
  2. Update Drivers for your system regularly.
  3. Turn off the computer properly
  4. Do not force the computer to shut down suddenly.
  5. If you find that any driver is faulty, fix it immediately by updating or reinstalling it.
  6. Always update the intel management tool driver.
  7. Use Defragment Defragment and regular disk cleanup.
  8. Use software or drivers compatible with Windows.


Step 1: To launch and troubleshoot DPC Watchdog Violation on Windows 10 you need to open the Start Menu and type in “device manager” and go to the Device Manager system manager.

Step 2: In the Device Manager, navigate to Keyboard, which will have Driver Mice and other pointing devices. Click on the touchpad and uninstall to remove it.

Step 3: Confirm OK again to delete the driver Toucpad.

Step 4: Turn off Device Manager, open up Start Menu, type in “Advanced system settings” and go to the View advanced system settings.

Step 5: In System Properties, select Device Installation Settings.

Step 6: In the Device Installation Settings section, switch to NO and then Save changes to remove the automatic driver update.

Step 7: Use automatic driver search software like Driver Booster to scan the latest driver.

Select the driver Touchpad again and then download and install offline.

Step 8: After installing Touchpad Driver is complete, restart the computer to complete the installation process.

Then you can use Windows 10 normally, can DPC Watchdog Violation error on Windows 10 will no longer after the work done.

With this tutorial you can fix the DPC Watchdog Violation on Windows 10 as well as completely fix the blue screen error on Windows 10. And remember to regularly update the latest drivers for the missing devices on the computer. of you. Frequent updates help the system interact with better software and drivers. Also prevent Windows Update from crashing because of overlapping drivers.


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