How to fix CPU and Disk errors 100% by CompatTelRunner.exe


CompatTelRunner.exe is a process you often encounter when using a computer. In some cases, this process takes up a lot of system resources, including CPU, disk, and RAM, which are annoying to the user. So what is the process and how does it work? will guide you to handle CPU and Disk Errors due to CompatTelRunner.exe.

CompatTelRunner.exe is the process of Windows systems appeared on the background to the latest update for Windows you’re using, and sometimes update both smaller patches or updates Service Pack. In addition, this process is also sometimes used to diagnose problems on Windows for compatibility updates and gather the necessary information about the error to serve program CEIP to help improve the experience for customers.

Sometimes we see that this process takes up a lot of system resources including CPU and Disk, which is why we see 100 CPU errors or full disk 100 errors. In fact, when using a computer Often, this process is unnecessary. In addition, we need to be more aware of the privacy of this process, which is only useful when you need to diagnose potential problems. with your system updates. So when you see this process, you should turn it off to save resources for your system, as well as secure your private information, as well as a way to fix 100 CPU failures or full disk failures on your computer.


Note: Before trying the following fixes, you should turn off all applications, restart your computer to ensure that the actions you take do not cause conflicts and bugs to the system as well as the software.

Scan and Repair Corrupted Files on Windows System

In theory, the process of CompatTelRunner.exe does not take up much of the resources on your computer. However, in reality, if this process happens to take up system resources, you need to think about whether the system is experiencing problems when some files are corrupted or missing. To solve this problem, you can immediately use the system file repair tool on Windows

You press the key combination Windows + X, click Command Prompt (Admin) to open the cmd command interface, type in the command line

sfc /scannow

The system will automatically scan and find problems on your operating system. After fixing the error, you restart the computer and check the phenomenon nhé.

Block CompatTelRunner.Exe Running On Windows

Step 1: Click Start, type Task Scheduler to open Task Scheduler

Step 2: Visit Task Scheduler Library> Microsoft> Windows> Application Experience

Step 3: Right-click on Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser, select Disable

You restart your computer and check if the phenomenon still occurs

Remove File CompatTelRunner.Exe from your computer

Step 1: Press Windows + R key to open the Run window, type C:WindowsSystem32

Step 2: Find the CompatTelRunner.exe file in System32

Step 3: Right-click the file, select Properties. In the Properties window, click the Security tab, and then click the Advanced button.

Step 4: Click Change next to TrustedInstaller

Step 6: Enter the name of the user you are using, click on Check name, then click OK to confirm permissions for that user.

Step 7: Check the User in the right to display.

Step 8: Remove the file CompatTelRunner.exe in the System32 folder above, restart the computer, then check whether the phenomenon still occurs.

To test the CPU, you can use CPU Z to display the hardware information on your computer, download and install the latest Z CPU on the latest version of

Thus, with just a few simple operations, you can fix the CompatTelRunner.exe error occupying system resources. You only use the above methods for this case, do not use to delete other files in the operating system component causes system failure. System processes sometimes affect the performance of your computer when it is not operating properly, and you can also fix the fulldisk on operating systems to improve the performance of your computer.