How to fix Action Center not Working in Windows 10

How to fix Action Center not Working in Windows 10

The Action Center allows you to customize the display of notifications in the right-hand corner of your Windows taskbar. By default, this feature will be open and it will be on. This means that the status will allow you to customize the display of message types.

Step 3:  You look to the right and see if there is a lock called  Remove Notifications and Action Center. If exists and it is status is  Enabled  , you right-click and select the option to lock it  Edit and then transferred to that state is  Not Configured.

2. Manipulate the Registry Editor

Step 1:  Open the Registry Editor by typing regedit on the RUN dialog box

Step 2:  Navigate to the following folders:


Step 3:  Make sure that the right key is the  DisableNotificationCenter key. If so, please delete it. By right-clicking, select  Delete  .


Here is the whole way that I want to introduce to you when your computer encountered the status of Action Center feature  is blurred (disabled). If you have problems then please follow the steps above.

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