How to fix 651 errors in windows 7/8 and 10

If you are a person working directly with a computer, it’s easy to face the 651 error problem at any time. There are many Windows users who are affected by code error 651 while working online.

If you are tech savvy or one of the windows users, you can refer to this article and apply it to the error handling methods that we’ve done from computer technical articles. . Please note and note the 651 error fixes in windows 7/8 and 10 for future use.

Fix 651 error

Error 651 usually occurs when Windows users try to connect to broadband in Windows 7/8 or Windows 10 operating systems.

When it occurs, it shows that your modem (or other connected devices) has failed and will normally say “Connection failed with error 651”.

In this case, the user tries to restart the computer, router or modem, but you can easily see this problem in windows 7/8 / 8.1 or 10 because the error code 651 is displayed. error when user is working.

Workaround for error 651 in Windows

There are many suggestions and solutions for this problem, but remember that there are no official solutions available online or that will fix this problem for windows 7. I try to gather some specific ways to help you improve the problem. You can apply the fixes below for specific errors that you are experiencing.

Remove Modem

By uninstalling the modem, users can solve this problem faster. This solution is the most common way to get rid of this particular error code. Applicable to all dial-up modems. Many people have solved the problem with this quick method.

Download and update the drivers drivers

Drivers are important for your hardware. You may see Connection Error 651 if you uninstall this driver. SO will go to your hardware’s official website and download the latest ones. If you do not want to carry on the hard work then, the easiest way is to use programs like Driver Agent.

Driver Agent will scan your computer for outdated drivers. It will then show you the list of available update drivers. You can update all the drivers or select from the list. The program is very useful and you can have a system with up-to-date drivers.

Replace raspppse.sys from the Windows 7 service account

Many users get rid of this problem by replacing the raspppse.sys files from the windows 7 directory. Of course this method will only work for users who are currently using the Windows 7 operating system. are facing this problem.

Remove IPV6 for internet

Users can also solve this problem by turning off IPv6 for their dial up modem. This is one of the simplest ways to solve this problem successfully. Right-click Connections, select Properties, then deselect the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP / IPv6) box.

Disable automatic adjustment

Very likely the user made this way for his computer. By turning off the auto-adjust feature to solve this problem. This method is only useful for users who are using a router. To disable auto-tuning follow the steps below.

  • Start the command prompt as an administrator
  • Enter the command below and press Enter

Netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled”

Reinstall the CARD LAND driver

We have found that by reinstalling the LAN card driver, Connection Error 651 is a problem that can be resolved. Sometimes the drivers may be corrupted and this is why you should reinstall the driver.

Boot Clean Boot

Running Clean Boot on windows 7/8 and 10 can help users find the root cause of this problem. If there is no problem in your windows service then this method has not implemented the principles and working for your computer. During booting up your Windows computer, simply press F8 to boot into Safe Mode. When in safe mode the user can fix some problems on the system.

Start up the ADSL modem

It is possible that your Internet modem may be “hanging” during connection. Removing the dialer and then creating a new dialer can help a lot.

Tips for 651 errors in the future

Once you have fixed this bug, all you need for the next time is to avoid this error as well as other errors that appear in Windows. So we recommend using Pc Optimizer tools like Total System Care and frequently use it, it will keep your computer support organized. Registry entries for errors will be fixed, this is the main error of most errors in Windows.