How to faceswap on the photo

With the help of AI technology, the conversion, cut the face on the picture becomes quite easy. This is done on a Web browser.

In this article, we will guide you a simple trick to swap faces with AI technology on the picture is very interesting.

The tool to help us do this is Reflect, the use of the application is to copy and paste faces from one person to another, support the creation of seamless face, emotions remain the same with the ratio of extremely high.

Go to on your laptop or smartphone.

Select a picture that you want to be attached to, you can upload a picture from your device or choose the image below.

I love Santa Claus, so choose this picture to choose the pair. Then select the Select this picture option.

Then the application automatically recognizes the face and you just click on the square to add the face that you want to pair.

Click on Add Faces to swap to and upload the image you want to merge. Immediately the program will automatically cut the image and we just select the cut image.

This is the result and you just click Download to download this image.

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