How to enable or disable text suggestion on Windows 10


On Windows 10, you can use the text suggestion feature, which will display the text you type next, saving you time and typing faster. But this feature also annoys users if they use many different languages.

Fortunately, you can easily turn this text hint on or off easily from software and hardware keyboards.

How to enable or disable the text hint feature on Windows 10

Text suggestions are a useful feature for people who misspellings. It works on all Windows 10 applications and Edge browser.

Step 1. Open Windows 10 Settings.

Step 2. Click on Devices> Typing.

Step 3. Access the Hardware keyboard, turn on the Show text suggestions as I type option.

Step 4. You can choose to enable the Autocorrect misspelled words I type option on the hardware keyboard and other options such as Add a space after I choose a text suggestion.

Step 5. To turn on text suggestions on the software keyboard, turn on the Show text suggestions option on the software keyboard .

Text hints are now only available for the English (US) keyboard. To check, you can go to Settings> Time & Languages> Region & languages.

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