How to enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Edge

How to enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser now includes a Dark Mode display, which restricts the light from the screen to affect users during nighttime work. So how to activate?

Activate dark tone mode

To enable dark mode in Edge, click the menu button, then select Settings, then click on the Choose a theme option and select the Dark option.

Click the Settings item in the menu of the Edge browser – Screenshots

Edge immediately switched to the Dark theme, whether you are using the theme of Windows 10 or not. You can come back here and switch the Edge back to Light mode whenever you want.

Choose Dark under Choose a theme to choose dark theme – Screenshots

This setting is completely independent of the system-wide application theme that you can select in the Windows 10 Settings app. For example, you can use dark themes for the Edge browser when using standard mode for All other applications.

Helps all sites have dark colors

Dark Mode only changes the appearance of the Edge, not the sites you view in the Edge. To make web pages appear darker, try installing extensions like Turn Off the Lights available in the Microsoft Store. This extension is primarily for watching videos on the web in darker background, but it can also apply dark themes to any webpage you view.

Turn Off the Lights is an extension for the Edge Browser – Screenshots

After installation click Menu> Extensions> Turn Off the Lights> Options to configure it. Switch to the Night Mode tab and then click the option “Show the night switch button below the web page to make the dark or light page” on the right. The extension puts a button on each page that will bring it to Night Mode.

You can also turn on the option “Automatically go to Night Mode when a new web page is opened” to always use Night Mode by default. It also offers many other setting options to work the way you want, such as setting Night Mode to only appear at night without appearing during the day.

You can choose the dark theme for the site interface that you see with Turn Off the Lights – Screenshots

While browsing the site, click on the “Night Mode” button in the bottom left corner of the page to turn the dark site style on or off. If you decide you do not want to use the dark website theme in the future, you can click the menu> Extensions in Edge to configure, turn off or uninstall the Turn Off the Lights widget.