How to Download Youtube, Facebook videos on iPhone

How to Download Youtube, Facebook videos on iPhone

iOS 12 is very pleasing users though not many new features. In addition to the iPhone, the iPad runs very well. After updating iOS 12, some features such as application usage time, metrics, etc. Siri Shortcuts has opened a lot of attractive settings to improve. Improved the previous limitations of iOS such as: turn off wifi, bluetooth, download videos to iPhone, etc.

New features of iOS 12 not too much but can say iOS 12 is the most iFan so far. Many compliments and iOS is rated as “Apple’s best apology.” Now you will not need to have deeper access to the device’s Settings app, which can be easily set up outside of the quick access screen with the Shortcuts app. Besides, we also easily download Facebook video, Youtube video to iPhone with this great application Siri Shortcuts.

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How to Download Youtube Videos, Facebook on iPhone

Step 1:

Download and install the Shortcuts app under the top download link. Note before installation make sure your device has updated iOS 12.

Step 2:

Open the Safari web browser on your iPhone and access the shortened url:

The iCloud Web page that shares the Media Downloader shortcut appears, click the Get Shortcut.

Step 3:

Announcement Open in the shortcut that appears, click Open .

Step 4:

Now Shortcuts application you will see the shortcut application with shortcuts Media Downloader has been made available.

Step 5:

Here click on the 3 dots icon on the Media Downloader shortcut to get to the video download settings.

In this new interface you can remove the download options from different sources by clicking on the minus sign with the red circle on the outside.

Step 6:

Open the YouTube app on your iPhone to download videos. At this time Siri Shortcuts can work right on the YouTube app.

At the YouTube video playback interface press the Share button. We will select the video sharing application, if not see Siri Shortcuts appear here click the Add button to add options.

Step 7:

Then when you see the Shortcut icon to click on, after clicking on the Activity window appear, slide the Shortcut key to -> Done.

Step 8:

Now when you come back to the sharing interface you will see a shortcut key click on it.

Continue to select Media Downloader.

Step 9:

A small notification window This shortcut has been imported from Safari, are you sure you want to run it?-> Run shortcut.

Select the video download channel window, click Youtube if you download the video from Youtube, other similar options if you download video from Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , etc.

Step 10:

Choose quality video download quality, choose the quality you want. Once finished, the video will start downloading.

When finished, Media Downloader will ask you for permission to save the video to the system library, click OK to confirm the license. Then check the video section in the photo application to see the downloaded video that appears there.