How to download Facebook video

How to download Facebook video

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites today with a tremendously high number of user accounts, along with the amazing features and services that they are providing to us.

In addition to the basic features of a social networking site such as sharing news, sharing photos, startup and sharing videos, Facebook also features Live Stream (live video playback) to support. Users are promoting the product or simply the actual Video, the funny video … that their users put up .. Therefore, every day there are thousands or even tens of millions of videos posted on the page. This social network.

Of course there will be a lot of nonsense videos, but not a few funny and meaningful videos for you right? You are looking to download some good videos on Facebook for a chance to bring back the review, but you do not know how to Download?

Yes ! By default, Facebook only allows us to watch live video on their site, and if you want to download a video to your computer can only use the Coco Web browser or use some software. support download link download video to download. And if you are using other browsers to surf the web and access Facebook such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge does not integrate that feature.

So in this article I will share with you a little trick so that you can perform download on Facebook on a computer simply on all browsers without any software support.

How to download videos on Facebook?

As I said above, now there are many software support for downloading links or getlink software to download on the social networking site. However, if you do not have these software available, you can use the following simple ways:

Tips: Facebok now supports video download feature on the computer. But this only applies to Uploaded Videos. Live videos like Live Stream are not available.

Make: Open the video you want to upload => click on the icon … next to => select Download Video is done.

1. Download Faebook videos using the mobile version on your computer

Step 1: Sign in to your Facebook account or any Facebook account that contains the video you want to download.

Step 2: After finding the video that you need to download, open the video up => right click on Video and select Display video URL as shown below.

Step 3: A dialog box containing the URL of the video will appear => you copy the link (URL) of that video for us to use in step 4.

Step 4: Open a new tab on the web browser you are using => then paste the video link (URL) you just copied in the step above.

Then change https://www to m to Download Video.

The URL after the replacement will look something like the one below.

Step 5: Okey, now click on the arrow icon to Download Video to your computer.

Or click the Play button to view the video => then right-click on the video and select Save video as … to download the video to the computer.

Download the Facebook video through the website

There is another very simple way that you can use it through an online getlink site. This way is more diverse, not only download videos on Faebook but you can also use this site to download videos from Youtube, download videos from Istagram. In addition, you can convert, convert the video directly to MP3 format for listening to audio very conveniently.


+ Step 1: You go to the website at this address!

+ Step 2: With a very simple interface, to download videos on Facebook, you do the following:

  • (1) Paste the URL of the Facebook video here (How to get URL, you see Step 2 above).
  • (2) Select the video resolution you want to load. The higher the resolution, the better the video, and the heavier the resolution.
  • (3) Click the DOWNLOAD button! Get the site to implement Getlink.

Also, you can use the Convert Video to MP3 feature to listen to audio format by checking the box MP3 (audio file) offline.

+ Step 3: Getlink process is very fast, then you can click Download this Video to download the video to the computer is complete.

Note: In addition, some other sites also support similar features such as:,,, or If you like you can try offline.

3/ Download Facebook video on the fastest smartphone

For the smartphone, the video downloads are not difficult at all. Instead of using the Facebook app on your phone, you should now:

Sign in to Facebook via the web browser Google Chrome is on your phone => click the video you want to download => click and hold the video => Save Video will appear. OK!


Okay, so I have just given you instructions on how to download Faebook video on computer or phone is extremely simple and effective offline.

You do not need to install any additional tools or software to download Faebook videos with Full HD quality (if available). Is not it great?