How to Disable reopen programs after restart/startup

How to Disable reopen programs after restart/startup

In the process of using windows 10 especially from Fall Creator Update you must have encountered a case when turning on the computer, some applications that you used before automatically open up, this would make you annoyed because we have to take them off and slow down the machine.

The cause of this is that in the previous use you did not turn off all applications before shutting down the computer so next time you turn on the computer then these applications will automatically restart. This is a feature that Microsoft added new windows 10 to help users can continue the work is unfinished, but it seems that users do not like this feature very much. The following article of will guide you to turn off the automatic reopening the application on windows 10, invite you to refer.

The simplest way for applications to not automatically pop up when you start your computer is to make yourself habit of shutting down all running applications before shutting down the computer, so that will not be happening.

However, if due to the nature of the work you do not have time to turn off the application then we can do one of the following.

Option 1: Quickly close the applications and shutdown the computer.

Step 1 : Press Windows + D to minimize all running applications and display the Desktop.

Step 2 : Press Alt + F4 to display the Shut down dialog box.

When the dialog box appears, press Enter or Ok to turn off the computer, the next time you turn on the computer, the application will not open up again.

Option 2: Turn off application restart mode.

Step 1 : You open the Setting in Windows 10 and select the Accounts

Step 2 : In the new window you select the Sign-in options then right window you turn off Use my sign-in info to finish setting up my and reopen my device after an update apps or restart. ( from On to Off ).

So from next time you will never encounter the phenomenon of self-open application when windows start again.

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