How to disable/enable your Laptop Touchpad

How to disable/enable your Laptop Touchpad

Often, they are rarely used on the touchpad on a laptop. Especially those who often have to type, type text and move the mouse with wide range because it would be very inconvenient. However, if you add a mouse without turning off the touchpad, it is even more frustrating because just touching the mouse will change the position, affecting the work being done.

Option 1: Disable the Touchpad with a combination of keys

For high-end models appearing in the last few years. Touchpad features have been designed by the manufacturer, built on the keyboard. You can press the function key + ‘off Touchpad’. Typically, the default ‘touchpad off’ is the F4, F7, F9 … or sometimes Esc keys . Depending on the machine and the different manufacturers that these keys are also different. 

Method 2: Lock the touchpad with the icon on the taskbar:

– From the desktop, you look down at the right corner, below the screen (near the clock), click the weight icon to open the option.

– Double click on the Touchpad icon to turn off this feature. 

– Depending on the computer and your layout, this display is different. Maybe the Touchpad icon is always on the taskbar, right-click to open the option and turn it off. 

Option 3: Turn off the Touchpad from the custom Control Panel.

– Click on the window icon on the keyboard or click on the icon in the taskbar (bottom left corner ), to open the Run dialog box . Type Control Panel in the Open box.

– Continue to select Hardware and Sound. And select Device Manager in the Devices and Printers section.

– If you do not see this tab, you can try to click View and select Show hidden devices to show all items. 

Method 4: Turn off the touchpad on your laptop by interfering with the default settings.

– You also access Start/Run/Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Devices and Printers elect Mouse. Select Mouse.

– The Mouse Properties dialog box appears, select the ELAN tab and tick the Disable when external USB mouse plug in or Device Settings check box, select Disable . Then OK to finish. 

Option 5: Automatically lock the touchpad with external software.

Specifically, the Touchpad Blocker software . This tool is quite effective when it can automatically enable or disable Touchpad . In particular, Touchpad Blocker is provided completely free. 

– After downloading, you check the Touchpad Blocker and click Finish to use immediately. If you see a message confirming the security from the virus killer then you keep peace of mind allowing the application to run, absolutely no virus. For Kaspersky, select Yes . 

Touchpad Blocker interface is quite simple. There are four options available:

  • Automatically run program on startup: Automatically activate the Touchpad Blocker program when Windows starts.
  • Block accidental taps and clicks: Lock Toudpad when detected speed continuous typing quickly in a certain period of time, measured in milliseconds (ms). The default is 300 milliseconds.
  • Beep when click is blocked: Play the “beep” sound when the touchpad is locked.
  • Keyboard shortcut to switch the blocker: Keyboard shortcut to switch between – open the TouchPad.

The process detects typing and automatically turns off the keyboard for a few seconds. However, users can deactivate this software soon afterwards if desired. Besides, you can select the notification sound when the Touchpad Blocker locks the touchpad. 

– Set up, press X (Close) to close the program window again. 

At this point, the Touchpad Blocker will run under the system tray and ensure that your typing speed is not interrupted by accidentally dragging the touchpad and causing the window to wobble. In addition, the Touchpad Blocker , there are other software to disable the mouse touchpad other laptops Touchpad Pal or TouchFreeze is also very useful.

If you want to enable TouchPad, do the same as above and then select the opposite.