How to delete Twitter account?


Similar to Facebook, Instagram, …. Twitter is also one of the social networks used by many users. But for some reason you want to delete your Twitter account or simply want to delete the old account to create a new account.

Deleting a Twitter account is simple. In the article below, your network administrator will show you how to temporarily disable or permanently delete your Twitter account.

1. Disable Twitter account

To delete the first Twitter account you must disable the temporary account . When your Twitter account is temporarily disabled, Twitter will delete your data on Twitter in minutes. And then your account will be placed on the “queue” list for permanent deletion.

After 30 days, your Twitter account and related data will be permanently deleted. If you wish, you can register to create a new account.

If you change your mind about not wanting to delete your Twitter account, within 30 days you can log back in to your account to reactivate. Your data, including tweets, followers and favorites, will be restored within minutes.

2. How to delete Twitter account?

To delete your Twitter account, on your browser visit (note you can not use the mobile web browser application), then login to your Twitter account.

Click the user image icon , then select Settings to access your Twitter account settings page.

On your Twitter account setup page, click the Deactivate My Account in the bottom corner.

Twitter will provide more information about deleting your account and asking you to revert to the reason for deleting your account.

To confirm your want to delete your account, you click the ” Delete @your account ” button.

Enter your Twitter account password, then click ” Deactivate Account ” to confirm deletion of your account.

Twitter will notify you that your account has been disabled. Your data will disappear from the Twitter site within minutes.

3. How to reactivate your Twitter account?

If you change your mind and do not want to delete your Twitter account anymore, you can access the Twitter website on any web browser on your computer.

Note that you can not use the Twitter mobile app.

Next login your Twitter account (username or email address and password).

Once sign-in is complete, your account will be reactivated. Twitter will restore all your account data within minutes.