How to delete Gmail password saved on Chrome


Gmail passwords are usually automatically saved on Chrome. This trick helps users to log in quickly, using Gmail quickly with personal computers. If you use a public computer, borrow a computer to sign in Gmail, then you should delete the Gmail password stored on Chrome immediately after login.

The Google Chrome Lockfeatures allow users to save passwords in the browser. Your Facebook account, Gmail, or other web sites are logged when you log in. If you use a shared computer, laptop, or public access, you should delete the Gmail password stored on Chrome and delete other account passwords. Because Gmail is lost, it pose serious risks to users. Do the right way to delete Gmail password saved on Chrome to feel secure when visiting the site offline.

How to delete Gmail passwords stored on Chrome

Step 1: On the Google Chrome interface hit the 3 dots icon. Go to Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings section. Click on Advanced.

Step 3: In the Advanced section, note the password and the form. Click on Password Management.

Step 4: If you do not see the Gmail password stored in the Saved passwords section, then select

Once you have logged in again, click on the Google Account and click on the Closed button.

That’s it, you’ve deleted the Gmail password saved on Chrome successfully.

Following the steps above, you will delete Gmail passwords stored on Chrome. Be sure to copy or remember these passwords before deleting them, as you will not be able to retrieve the deleted passwords on Chrome.

In addition to deleting the Gmail password saved on Chrome, Chrome, Google Chrome browser has many other features. Here are six features that Google Chrome should know. Once you understand these features, it’s easier for people using Google Chrome to navigate your browser. Of the six features that use Chrome should know the lock Google Chrome password is quite interesting. Users using this feature will prevent others from opening your Google Chrome browser.

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