How to create backup and restore (Restore Point) on Windows 10

How to create backup and restore (Restore Point) on Windows 10

Restore Point is one of the unique and best features of the Windows operating system. Restore Point helping users to quickly recover system files earlier without altering the saved data.

In this article, you will learn how to create a backup and restore point on Windows 10.

1. How to check if the System Restore Point has been activated?

To check whether the System Restore Point has been activated, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Start Menu and enter the Create a restore point into the Search box and press Enter.

2. The System Properties window appears. Click the System Protection tab.

Under the Protections Settings section, check that the option settings are ON or OFF.

If System Protection is OFF, select the system drive on your computer and click Configure.

3. Select the Turn on system protection option.

4. Click Apply.

5. Click OK.

2. Create a shortcut to restore and restore (System Restore Point Shortcut)

Right-click the desktop, then select New and then Shortcut.

2. On the Shortcut Wizard window, enter the following command:

cmd.exe /k “wmic.exe /Namespace:\rootdefault Path SystemRestore Call CreateRestorePoint “My Shortcut Restore Point”, 100, 7″

Then click Next.

3. Enter the shortcut name and click Finish.

4. Right-click the shortcut that you just created, then select Properties.

5. If you want to add another icon, click Change icon.

6.Type the following path into the text box and hit enter:


7. Select the icon you want and click OK.

8. Click Advanced.

9. Select Run as administrator.

10. Click OK.

11.Click Apply.

12. Click OK to complete the process.

13. Finally, double-click the shortcut icon you just created on your desktop to test it.

If the Command Prompt window, as shown below, means that you have followed these steps correctly: