How to create automatically folder syncs to Google Drive


Probably one of us is quite a lot of users of Google Drive cloud storage service. Instead of manually uploading each day, I will guide you to create a synchronized folder and when we need to sync, just put the data into it is done.

1. How to create a folder that automatically syncs to Drive

Step 1: Download the Drive backup and sync tool here and install.

Step 2: After opening the software, click on the Get started button and proceed to login to Google account.

Step 3: Log on successfully, then click Got it button and the main interface of Backup and sync will appear.

Here, you will see the default software will sync 3 folders by default Desktop, Document and Picture. However, if you do not need to sync them, you can press the tick to deselect.

Step 4: Select the folder you want to use as the folder that automatically syncs to Drive by clicking on Choose Folder.

You can optionally add items at the bottom as:

  • High quality: store photos in high resolution and free unlimited storage.
  • Original quality: Store images with native resolution and storage limits depending on your remaining free space.
  • Upload photos and videos to Google Photos: Sync your photos and videos to Google Photos.

Once you have completed your selections, click Next at the bottom.

Step 5: In this interface, you can optionally sync back to what’s on Drive on your computer.

  • You can choose where to place the sync folder from Drive by clicking the Change button.
  • Sync everything in my Drive: Syncs everything on Drive.
  • Sync only there folder: Synchronize selected folders

If you do not need this operation then we can remove the traces and click Start to start.

2. Check the files and folders that are synced to Drive

First, we go to the folder that has been marked auto-sync to Drive, then see the files, the folder marked V means that the upload is complete and the icon with two circled arrows is being co-ordinated. the set.

To find what we have synced to Drive, you access Google Drive on your browser and switch to the Computer tab and select My laptop.

3. Stop syncing your files and folders to Google Drive

To stop sync, left-click on the cloud icon in the taskbar, then select the three dots and select Preferences to reopen the interface of Backup and Sync.

Then uncheck the folders you do not want to continue syncing and click OK.

A pop-up menu will appear indicating that your selected folder will be discontinued. Click Continue is done.

So you have finished instructions for how to create folders automatically synced to Google Drive. If you have any questions or need assistance, please comment below for support.

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