How to check ip location?

In fact, there are many cases where you get the IP address of a person or device, but there is no way to know which person or device is in a geographic location. So technically, is there any technology, or is there any way to help solve that problem? This means that from the IP address that can detect the real address. Please join us in the article below.

This can be applied in many cases, for example to check your computer’s IP address, company ip, office or someone.

For example, to find the IP address of the computer you are using, visit the site:

What Is My IP?

Note that this is your IP address on the global Internet system, not the IP address that you provided through your modem, router. Also to see your IP address in the LAN, or be allocated by Modem, Router, the simplest way is to open cmd and then type ipconfig command, then look at the IPv4 Address line as shown below:

After getting your IP address on the Internet by the way, you go to the page:

Enter the Internet IP address in the Search box:

And the system returns results:

Or do the same with WhatIsMyIP IP Lookup also results:

For domain, domain name of any website, you use the ping domain command type in cmd to know the corresponding IP address of the server website. For example, you want to know the IP address of the site, the way to do is:

  • Enter cmd in Run
  • In the cmd window, type the command: ping

However, you should note that the result is not 100% accurate as it depends on many other factors. Examples include IP address registries, Internet service providers, proxies, virtual IP status, telecommunications systems …