How to check if your computer has Bluetooth?

How to check if your computer has Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a very useful way to share data on your phone or laptop easily and quickly. However, many users when transferring computer files do not receive and do not understand the reason why. In the process of using it, there are many cases where the computer does not have Bluetooth or a laptop without Bluetooth, how to recognize the computer with Bluetooth and these questions are mainly users Any way to find but can not know computer with Bluetooth connection or not. And more importantly, recognizing a laptop or desktop with Bluetooth will determine whether you can send files between your computer and your phone using Bluetooth.

Today we will guide you tips to check the laptop with Bluetooth or not. It helps you understand the cause of the file transfer between the computer and the phone. With the sharing below you will hopefully have an extra tip for using your computer. To test, follow these steps:

Step 1: First, you open your computer and press the key combination windows key + s, after the system opens, you find the keyword Device Manager, then click to open the device manager on Windows 10.

Step 2: In the list displayed in the Device Manager window, look for Bluetooth or Bluetooth Radios. If you have one of these two, your computer has Bluetooth support. Otherwise, if your computer does not appear, your PC can not connect to Bluetooth.

Step 3: If not in the original list, click on the Network Adapter item , look in the list to see if there is Bluetooth, if so, congratulations, your machine is equipped with Bluetooth.

If neither of these steps is available, then your computer is not equipped with Bluetooth. To add bluetooth to your wireless headset, wireless speakers to your computer, you need to buy a Bluetooth USB Dongle or a Bluetooth dongle.